Lightbox Plus version 2.4 (PHP 5+ Only)

Railroad Crossing
Lightbox Plus Demo. Railroad Crossing

Lightbox Plus 2.4 has been released. I have completely removed support for PHP 4 at this point. PHP 4 reached end of life as of August 8th 2008 and WordPress no longer supports it going forward. Do not upgrade if you are using PHP 4. I also added a small patch to the PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser to check for the existence of the mbstring library which was causing issues for some folks. Milan Petrovic pointed out a minor bug that was causing syntax highlighter using Alex Gorbatchev JavaScript SyntaxHighlighter to not work. This was traced back to the PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser stripping out return. Currently this is set to leave returns in but will be added as an option soon.

See the rest of the post for details.

  • Removed all support for PHP 4.
    • If you still need a version that works with PHP 4 DO NOT UPGRADE
    • If you get this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /path/to/plugin/classes/filters.class.php on line 81 you have PHP 4.
    • Contact your host provider to see if they can upgrade to PHP 5.
  • Fixed issue where PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser was stripping returns causing issue with HTML output in several plugins (including SyntaxHighlighter Evolved)
    • This issue should be fairly rare.
  • Patched PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser (shd.class.php) to verify mb_detect_encoding() function exist before calling
    • This issue was reported by several users that did not have mbstring functions compiled into PHP.
    • Assumes UTF-8 if function doesn’t exist
    • The correct solution is to add the mbstring library to PHP (contact you host/support to resolve)

You can get the latest download of Lightbox Plus at and 23systems or download Lightbox Plus 2.6 directly.

For support please submit a support request  though the support form.  For questions of comments please post a message in the Lightbox Plus forum on my site.

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