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WordPress Plugin Downloads

23Systems makes the following plugins and they are available on this site or at wordpress.org.

Lightbox Plus 2.6

[ downloaded 25857 times | type: zip | size: 2.35 MB ]

Lightbox Plus ColorBox is an inline display plugin that uses jQuery (JavaScript) to display larger versions of images, videos or other inline content in an overlay on top of your page content. Lightbox Plus works with single or multiple images, WordPress' build in gallery and many third-party galleries, text links, video, HTML content and more. Lightbox Plus uses ColorBox as it's overlay implementation. ColorBox was created by Jack Moore of Color Powered and is licensed under the MIT License. For more information please see the Lightbox Plus ColorBox Plugin Page

Actionable 0.8.4

[ downloaded 408 times | type: zip | size: 62.93 kB ]

Actionable is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create customized and categorized lists of items for users to check off and track. It was originally developed for Share 350.0 to help people track what actions they are taking to be create more sustainable communities. Actionable is currently in a very rough state and requires considerable user effort to use. For more information please see the Actionable Plugin page. A demo is available at Actionable demo.

Facelift Image Replacement

[ downloaded 2415 times | type: zip | size: 522.55 kB ]

Facelift Image Replacement for WordPress is a WordPress plugin is an image replacement plugin that dynamically generates image representations of text on your web page in fonts that otherwise might not be visible to your visitors. The generated image will be automatically inserted into your web page via JavaScript and is visible to all modern browsers. Any HTML elements with text can be replaced: from headers to list to specific classes and ids. FLIR for WordPress is SEO friendly and only renders the image in the browser if JavaScript is enabled. You HTML/XHTML code remains unchanged leaving your head tags readable by search engines and the page readable by those without JavaScript.

See the Facelift Image Replacement Plugin Page for more information and see a demo of FLIR at Facelift Image Replacement Techniques and Examples

WordPress Theme Downloads

Various themes we have produced for clients and ourselves. These themes have been graciously made available by our clients for public use.

23Systems WordPress Theme

[ downloaded 551 times | type: zip | size: 33.54 KB ]

This is a straightforward, clean and curved theme that is widget ready and uses an pleasing, easy on the eyes ocean inspired color scheme and was the original design for this site. Easily re-colored for use elsewhere.

23Systems WordPress Theme Screenshot

Basic Roleplaying WordPress Theme

[ downloaded 401 times | type: zip | size: 85.86 KB ]

This theme was developed for Basic Roleplaying . Net but can easily be re-skinned for use with any site that wishes to display a large amount of information with some simple visual flare. Originally based on Zen Minimalist widget functionality was added to further enhance the theme as well as various style tweaks.

Basic Roleplaying WordPress Theme Screenshot

Melarte Original WordPress Theme

[ downloaded 278 times | type: zip | size: 107.63 KB ]

The Melarte WordPress Theme is a clean simple theme that is ideal for an artist or photographer's site. Includes the original Lightbox (not Lightbox Plus) image display for gallery image display. It was originally developed for Melanie Sallis website to display her artwork online

23Systems Melarte WordPress Screenshot

Member Downloads

These files are available for download and redistribution by the courtesy of their respective authors and are available to members only.

Speeding Up WordPress

[ downloaded 26 times | type: pdf | size: 11.84 MB ]

A brief tutorial with video by John Hoff of the blog hosting company WP Blog Host on how to speed up WordPress. It really works and it will almost certainly speed up WordPress page loads by at least a factor of 2.

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How to Develop Money-Making Niche Sites with WordPress

[ downloaded 20 times | type: pdf | size: 662.06 KB ]

By nature a blog is an ongoing conversation with the reader and as such it requires regular updating. A blog can of course be very profitable but it requires constant work. The kind of niche sites that I build with WordPress as I describe in this book can be setup and then simply left alone and require zero maintenance.

This Ebook is a beginners guide to using the WordPress platform to setup static websites as opposed to the usual blogs that we are so used to with WordPress.

The sites in question are small static (using pages and not posts) websites that are optimised towards a particular subject and then monetized using AdSense and affiliate links. However, this Ebook is not about making money – it’s about WordPress.

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WordPress Blogging Book

[ downloaded 17 times | type: pdf | size: 304.95 KB ]

Everything you need to know to start blogging today! Why you should be starting a blog; how to install a blog with your own domain name; All the settings and SEO work you need to do as soon as you create a new blog; All the best plugins that you can use to customize and improve your blog; How to make your blog secure; Introduction to writing content and starting to get visitors

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Other Downloads

Various other downloads and fixes.

Flickr Mini Gallery Hot Fix

[ downloaded 1351 times | type: zip | size: ]

Hot fix for Flickr Mini Gallery to work with WordPress' built in jQuery using the enqueue script function.