Lightbox Plus 2.3 released

Fish Tale (Lightbox Plus Demo)
Fish Tale (Credit capn madd matt) (Lightbox Plus Demo)

After a long, long wait I have released Lightbox Plus to version 2.3. It should show up in updates pretty soon if not already. Unfortunately it’s a relatively minor update though it does add some additional functionality both on the WordPress side (up to 100 inline lightboxes are available) but also a variety of changes with ColorBox.

This update includes ColorBox version 1.3.17. I also fixed some minor internal bugs and some incorrect text. And finally I verified compatibility with WordPress 3.2.x.

  • Tested with WordPress 3.2.x
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Some minor text fixes
  • Added option to allow up to 100 inline lightboxes
  • Updated ColorBox to version 1.3.17
    • Added properties “top”, “bottom”, “left” and “right” to specify a position relative to the viewport, rather than using the default centering.
    • Added property “data” to specify GET or POST data when using Ajax.  ColorBox’s ajax functionality is handled by jQuery’s .load() method, so the data property works the same way as it does with .load().
    • Added property “fixed” which can provide fixed positioning for ColorBox, rather than absolute positioning.  This will allow ColorBox to remain in a fixed position within the visitors viewport, despite scrolling.  IE6 support for this was not added, it will continue to use the default absolute positioning.
    • Fixed ClearType problem with IE7.
    • Minor fixes.
  • Updated ColorBox to verion 1.3.16
    • Better IE related transparency workarounds.  IE7 and up now uses the same background image sprite as other browsers.
    • Added error handling for broken image links. A message will be displayed telling the user that the image could not be loaded.
    • Added new property: ‘fastIframe’ and set it to true by default.  Setting to fastIframe:false will delay the loading graphic removal and onComplete event until iframe has completely loaded.
    • Ability to redefine $.colorbox.close (or prev, or next) at any time.

Please get the latest download of Lightbox Plus at and 23systems or download Lightbox Plus 2.6 directly.

If you need support please go to the Lightbox Plus message board.

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