Salesforce Add-On for Gravity Forms (bug fix)

Gravity Forms - WordPress Form Management
Gravity Forms - WordPress Form Management

UPDATE: The issue issue fixed as of version 1.1.1 so I am removing my hotfix as it is no longer needed. Thank to Zack Katz creator of the Gravity Forms Salesforce Add-on for the quick fix.

I use Gravity Forms for a lot of things.  Recently I needed to integrate some forms with Salesforce the wildly popular CRM system.  At first I developed a more or less manual method to post the form information to Salesforce and redirect back to the confirmation page.  This was impractical in that every time one of the content contributors needed to create form that would post to Salesforce I had to manually build the redirect. By chance I was looking for something else in the WordPress plugin repository and ran across the Gravity Forms Salesforce Add-on.

This plugin is a free Salesforce Add-On for Gravity Forms that adds contacts directly into Salesforce, making lead generation even easier to use with WordPress.  The plugin advertised that it added one setting, a check a box when configuring your forms, and all of those form entries would be added to Salesforce.  There was only one problem.  Checkbox or no the plugin was posting every form to Salesforce, which meant that many forms that shouldn’t be posting contact information to Salesforce were doing so.

I contacted the developer to see if there was a solution but as of this post I have yet to hear back from him.  The plugin is really good on the Salesforce side of things and I couldn’t wait to hear back from the developer so I started looking through the code to see if I could solve the problem for myself.  After a bit of poking around I discovered that there was no check to see if the form had the Salesforce Integration checkbox selected or not.  A few lines of code later I had fixed the bug – or at least patched it to my satisfaction and the checkbox was working.  Only forms that have been designated to integrate with Salesforce were doing so.

I contacted the developer again with a list of the changes so that he will hopefully integrate them into the next release.  In the meantime if you are using the Gravity Forms Salesforce Add-On and you are having the same problem you can grab the hotfix below.

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