Lightbox Plus ColorBox 2.6; HTML5 valid code option, better gallery handling

Abandoned Sand Castle
Abandoned Sand Castle

Lightbox Plus ColorBox has been release at version 2.6 which includes additional fixes for WordPress galleries not loading correctly and the option to output HTML5 valid code. There are now 26 styles included with Lightbox Plus ColorBox.

See the change log after the jump for details.


  • Added option to generate HTML5 valid code..
    • When checked will add data- instead if rel attributes.
    • Can specify specify data- attribute so it can be site specific
    • Does not effect inline lightbxes which were class based already
    • Option located in first tab (General) of base settings
  • Fixed (hopefully) all unset variable notices
    • Please notify me if you still seem them
  • Fixed issues with per page loading
    • Please note there is no per post loading – it’s either set for your blog/single posts or it’s not
  • Added option to load javascript in header or footer
    • Footer is prefered due to potential page load delays
  • Added option to set priority of javascript loading
    • Low, Normal, High with priorities as follows 5, 11, 15 relative to other plugin loads
    • May resolve some plugin conflicts due to load order
  • Fixed removal of settings on deactivate
    • Will now only remove settings on uninstall
  • Fixed gallery short code issues with WordPress 3.0.x and version 3.1.x to 3.4.x.
    • Now creates correct gallery output for specific versions of WordPress
  • Moved ‘Use for WordPress Galleries’ option to first tab to ease location
    • Located on General tab of Primary Settings
  • Added ColorBox version loading newer/older depending on WordPress version
    • It seems older verions of WordPress were having jQuery conflict with the latest version of ColorBox
  • Added information to submit for support under the support tab
  • Fixed issue where PHP HTML DOM Parser would throw error when getting title if link had no child img to get title from.
  • Renamed plugin to Lightbox Plus ColorBox to reflect long time usage or ColorBox as the lightbox tool
  • Updated ColorBox to version 1.3.32
    • Improved internal event subscribing & fixed event bug introduced in v1.3.21
    • Fixed a size-calculation bug
    • Delayed border-width calculations until after opening, to avoid a bug in FF when using ColorBox in a hidden iframe.
    • Fixes bug with bubbling delegated events
    • Fixed compatibility issue with old versions of jQuery (1.3.2-1.4.2)
    • Added className property.
    • Minor bugfix: clear the onload event handler after photo has loaded.
    • Minor bugfix for calling ColorBox on empty jQuery collections without a selector.
  • Minor internal fixes and changes


  • Fixed some issues when default jQuery of versions less than 1.4.3 (minimum required) were causing images to not load
  • Fixed some jQuery methods in admin panel to work with versions of jQuery older than 1.6
  • Updated ColorBox to version
    • Fixed global event issue for jQuery 1.9

You can get the latest download of Lightbox Plus at and 23systems or download Lightbox Plus 2.6 directly.

For support please look for support on the WordPress support forums or submit a support request through the support form.

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